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Google TV brings music and movies to Europe on November 13th

Google blessed American Google TV owners with the ability to buy or rent content from Google Play last month, and now it’s extending the same courtesy to international devices. The company has announced that Google Play Movies and Music will be available on the set-top box in the UK, Germany, and France starting from November 13th. It’s not clear if the content selection on Google TV devices will be the same, but if Google is expanding its licensing agreements to additional devices internationally, it stands to reason that a rollout to smartphones and tablets is next on the agenda.

While Google only announced three new markets today, an earlier Google+ post indicated that the expansion would also apply to Canada and Australia. The post has since been removed, however, with Google apologizing for the error. That might be disappointing for some, but the goof serves as an indicator that the company is clearly working on making content available on Google TV in as many countries as possible.